Friday, 7 November 2008

America: I Voted... did you?

So, i arrived back this morning from yet another American adventure, I have slept all day and just woken around 10pm ready to start the day...bad move! So thought i'd start writing one of these to reflect on the pass couple of weeks, until im ready to go back to sleep!

Once again God has blessed me in so many ways on this trip... through meeting amazing and inspiring people and just getting the chance to relax and clear my head. I feel so refreshed (yet tired also) and rejuvenated to get back to work!

I flew into Miami to be greeted by warmth of the late night weather and Cheyne Cottrell. We drove up to Cheyne's place in Deerfield, near Fort Lauderdale, and hit the hay straight away. The next morning I walked for around 8 miles along the beach to Cheyne's shop, Island Water Sports. The walk was so amazing, beautiful and peaceful. It was the first time for a while where I had the chance to really chill out and think about things with God. At home, i spend alot of time home alone but always get distracted with life. Walking with my feet in the warmth of the sea gave me a great chance to reflect on life, and realise how blessed i really am!

I spent a few days in Deerfield, hanging around the shop, surfing, drinking in the local bar and i got to go and vote in the elections...i didnt vote for either Obama or McCain...but some guy called Chuck! I also got my first taste of Halloween USA style. I was a little concerned getting involved in it to be honest, back home it really is a festival celebrating evil... yet in Florida it just seemed a good excuse for people to dress up in random outfits and have a good time! So with that in mind I got into the groove, grabbing the chair clippers and turning myself into a creepy old man! The ladies loved the look!

Early the next morning i drove Cheyne and his girl, Brittney, 4 hours north to Flagler to meet up with my good buddy Will Tant for his bro's memorial contest. This was my 3rd time back in Flagler and it feels like a second home. It's such a cool chilled little town with some fun waves breaking hollow off the pier. The contest is such a cool chilled out family feel event; this year having some great waves and incredible surfing. The Sat night ended with an amazing meal right on the beach and a music gig from my good friend Braddigan and Josh Garrels.

It was so good to see so many old friends and make amazing new friends too... the days after the contest were the best days of the trip. Getting to spend time with The Outer Banks crew, Brad and the Snyder family. We had some great times of chatting about God, times of prayer, and heaps of that good ol' christian fellowship (i hate that word! where else would it be used apart from christian circles, and maybe Lord of the Rings!)

Big mention to Ezra Snyder, 4 yrs old, and one of the coolest and intelligent kids i've ever met. I spent so much time fuelling his obsession with cars on the computer... i think Ezra and I were probably of a similar mental level!

The trip home was pretty gnarly, bad weather in New York meant that there were huge delays, so i missed my connecting flight back to London but managed to grab a later flight through to Bristol. In total I was travelling for over a day! But it was so worth it, i'm already missing so many people, and can't wait to get back out and see you all again soon!